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Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for in between – our varied recipes for every day leave no room for boredom in the menu.

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Do you have little time and still feel like a tasty meal? Then cook our quick recipes. Here you will find dishes with meat or fish, for vegetarians and vegans and lots of other seasonal recipe ideas that are prepared in no time.

Asparagus soup with vanilla and crispy Parma ham

Whether asparagus soup or asparagus risotto: the fine vegetables make every dish a delicacy. But asparagus is also an ancient medicinal plant and is considered the food of choice when it comes to gastrointestinal complaints, biliary and liver diseases, diabetes and,...

Salted vegetables for vegetable broth

For a classic vegetable broth, you don't need any powder or cubes - you can easily cook your own vegetable broth from soup greens, water and spices. But first we create the basis for this with our salted vegetables.   Ingredients: 3 ½ kg soup green and herbs 500...

Coleslaw KFC Style

Coleslaw is an amazing side dish for every BBQ. There is no doubt that white cabbage is healthy. The vitamin C bomb makes a considerable contribution to a healthy diet, especially in winter. Full of good nutritional values, cabbage also tastes good. Like many other...

Dirty Rice a Cajun and Creole Recipe

The recipe for Dirty Rice comes from the Cajun kitchen. This traditional dish is guaranteed to be tasted by anyone who likes to eat offal. "Dirty Rice" gets its name from the gray color it gets in the original, if you prepare the dish with Giblets.    ...

Mee goreng with chicken and prawns

Mee goreng - means fried egg noodles and is a widespread speciality in Indonesia. This simple dish is available in many different variations at every snack bar and in every restaurant. There are several types of asian noodles dishes. Today we would like to introduce...

Fattoush is a delicous lebanese salad

Fattoush is a Lebanese bread salad prepared with fried pieces of flat bread. Perfect as a starter! Fattoush is a colourful mixed salad which can be eaten in spring and summer. But I almost forgot one thing: what would a salad be without the special crunch? Crispy...

Which foods have a detoxifying effect?

Detoxification does not necessarily have to be performed with special products. Many foods contain substances with a detoxifying effect. We present a selection of detoxifying foods.     Can food detoxify? The term "detoxification" usually refers to...


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